The Winnipeg Punjabi Arts Academy offers an enriching environment for students to explore Punjabi arts and culture, fostering the growth of their self-confidence. Our passionate instructors are dedicated to helping all students excel.

We offer a diverse range of classes catering to various skill levels in Bhangra and Dhol. Our services also include Bhangra workshops, private lessons, entertainment for corporate and private events, turban tying, and custom choreography and music mixing.

The minimum age to join WPAA is 5 years and above.

Class timings are flexible and depend on factors such as class availability, age, and skill level. We try to accommodate requested timings for our students.

WPAA offers classes at three convenient locations in Winnipeg: East Kildonan, South Winnipeg, and North Winnipeg.

Class durations vary based on the type, ranging from 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Our classes operate on a 3-month semester-based system, with intakes available in Fall (September), Winter (January), and Spring (April). Registration is subject to class availability.

Our instructors are well trained in all forms of Bhangra, including Jhoomer, Luddi, Dhamal, Saami, Bhangra with props (shikke, khunde, kato) and Khula (open) Bhangra. With over 15 years of experience teaching and competing at the highest level in North America, they bring a wealth of knowledge to our students. All instructors receive a criminal background and child abuse registry check. All instructors are certified in first aid.

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