Bhangra Classes

We offer Bhangra classes suitable for ages 5 and above, catering to all skill levels: beginners, intermediates, and advanced dancers. Our curriculum focuses on teaching foundational Bhangra movements at a comfortable pace. Participants will explore various Bhangra forms,including Bhangra with props (khunde, shikke, kato), dhamal, luddi, jhoomer, chaal/jugni, saami, and khula (open) Bhangra. Classes incorporate the Dhol (traditional drum) and feature energetic Punjabi song mashups, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the learning experience. Instruction is provided in both English and Punjabi to ensure accessibility and inclusively.

Dhol Classes

We offer Dhol classes suitable for ages 8 and above in small group settings (5-6 students), catering to all skill levels. To maximize the learning experience, students are REQUIRED to have a Dhol for practice at home. You can inquire for more information on how to purchase a Dhol or temporary rental options.


Adult Fitness

Our Bhangra fitness classes are tailored for adults aged 18 and above, welcoming participants of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced. The classes emphasize mastery of diverse Bhangra forms, such as dhamal, luddi, jhoomer, saami, chaal/jugni, and khula (open) Bhangra, all while providing a comprehensive workout. These classes are ideal for individuals seeking an immersive Bhangra learning experience combined with physical activity, offering a perfect blend of cultural exploration and fitness engagement.

Private Lessons

Whether you’re an individual gearing up for a special performance, planning a surprise for your significant other at your wedding, or preparing for any special event, you’re in for a treat! Our private lessons cater to individuals and small groups, tailored to elevate your special occasions. We accommodate your schedules and have experienced instructors who can turn your dream performance into reality. From crafting performance mixes to creative choreography, we’ve got you covered. For further details, feel free to inquire and discover how we can enhance your upcoming event.


Events (Wedding/Corporate)

Ready to elevate your event with electrifying and high-energy entertainment? Our Bhangra and Dhol packages cater to all budgets, offering a range of options for private gatherings, weddings and corporate events. Get ready for an unforgettable experience and let us bring a lively atmosphere to your special occasion. Contact us today to explore the possibilities for enhancing your upcoming event!

Bhangra Workshops

Energize your school or corporate environment with our dynamic Bhangra workshops! Tailored to last from 45 minutes to one hour, these workshops are a fantastic way to get everyone moving and engaged. To enhance the experience, we bring along the traditional dhol, allowing participants to learn and dance to the beat of the drum! It’s an exciting blend of cultural immersion and active participation that leaves a lasting impression on everyone involved!
Contact us today for more details!


Turban Tying Services

We specialize in offering turban tying services for all occasions. Whether it’s a wedding, cultural event, or any celebration, our skilled professionals are here to create the perfect turban style for you. With attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, we take pride in enhancing your overall look and ensuring that you step into every moment with grace and style. Let us add the finishing touch to your memorable occasions with our bespoke turban tying services. Contact us today for more details!

Custom Performance Mixes

Enhance your next performance with our unique custom performance mixes. From energetic Bhangra beats to fusion melodies, we offer a spectrum of options to enhance your choreography. Contact us today for more details!

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